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  • About This Fundraiser

    Live Free exists to help men, women, and families find lasting freedom from the impact of porn and sex addiction.

    The concept of this fundraiser is simple. We all play a part in shaping a renewed future for those who have been broken by porn and sexual addiction. Whether it’s $1 or $200, every tax-deductible donation makes a difference because we are better together. We deeply believe in the healing power of community and as a community we can all make a difference in the lives of 1,000’s of families.

    There are only two opportunities to give for each amount ranging from $1-$200. These opportunities are represented by tokens. Gold tokens are open and waiting to be claimed. A gray token is one that has already been claimed and that donation has been made. Pick a token, donate that amount, play your part.

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what our members are saying

I’m honestly in tears now just thinking of how far God has brought me since I’ve joined Live Free. I joined as an empty man: desperate, lost, alone, hurting, broken, depressed, and deep in sin. Today I don’t just see hope. I feel it. I’m living it. And the simple fact of the matter is that day 1 for me was the day I signed up for Live Free.

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This app has definitely helped me add more accountability, encouragement, and prayer to my daily rhythms. I have been through long periods of sobriety before that were more of a white knuckle experience. This has felt different, this has felt like learning how to breath.

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Today is day 14 of sobriety for me. I just want to say that I am so thankful for LiveFree and the community of men here. Being a part of this the past few weeks has made a huge impact on my commitment to get better and become free.

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This app has very likely saved my marriage and spared my kids the trauma that all of that entails. Thank you!

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Joining the Live Free Community has been huge for me. My mind and overall health as a person has improved by being porn free over this past year.

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I’m feeling grateful for this community this morning. I’ve found it adds so much strength to my life in this battle for sexual purity. Thank you everyone for your encouragement and support. Walking in more freedom now than I have in a very long time. Feeling hope return to my heart that I may actually one day walk in total freedom.

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This community has been such a catalyst for me finding victory in my life, so thank you. Couldn’t have done it without you. Here’s to living the rest of my life porn free!

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Live Free is a Godsend for me. I feel like I have made more progress in my relationship with God since joining than I have in the two years prior.

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Just wanted to share that it has been over a month without looking at porn. The urge to look at it has been there, but I have been praying and making the decision to do something else. Something that has been helping me is to focus on the man I want to become by choosing something other than porn, compared to me just saying, I don’t want to look at porn, it’s bad, etc.

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The bottom line here is I am free to live in the light without this “secret life” plaguing me wherever I went. As a believer and follower of Jesus, positionally I knew I was forgiven when I medicated and confessed…but I felt so isolated and powerless to stop and get help. Finally recognizing and confessing this addiction to my wife and entering into a new “journey” with other men in community has brought this part of my life into the light and I am experiencing a freedom I have longed for my entire life. The enemy of shame is light, through community, not more effort in isolation.

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30 days free! Been really digging deep to understand the why and even deeper to uncover bad values that I held that lead the the feelings of rejection or unworthiness. Approval has been a value that I held and so I have had to replace it with learning. It has really helped with the negative feelings that usually triggered me to want to medicate. Community through small groups here at Live Free, the resources available in this community, and open communication with my wife and a counselor has played a huge roll in these last 30 days. Just wanted to share.

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When I was at my lowest, inches away from watching my entire life crumble before my eyes, He led me here to Live Free. And since coming here I have taken 156 steps forward and no steps backward (ok, that could be argued for 2-3 days out of those 156, but you get the idea). He has opened my eyes to so much of my own heart that I couldn’t see before. It’s like my heart was in critical condition on an operating table in the ER, but the surgeon was locked out. All of a sudden the doors were opened and I saw the horrible, excruciatingly sad and sick condition of my heart. I saw myself as a wounded soul, desperately looking in all of the wrong places for some kind of relief from the pain inside. And then the revelations started pouring in. I saw what I had to do to change. And I’m on that path today. I’m on that path because I never gave up. Why did it take me so long to get here? I don’t know. And I probably never will exactly. But I’m glad that I’m here. And that’s enough for me.

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I’m new to Live Free and I want to say a few things. The two things that have helped me the most since joining are Hope and Acceptance. All of you guys that have found Freedom have given me hope that I can also conquer this. The second is acceptance. I feel completely accepted and not like some leper or freak because I have sexual addiction and porn addiction. I feel love and support instead. I still have a lot of questions about things that I need to learn in my journey to conquer this. I was praying this morning and God reminded me that I have help and I have brothers at Live Free that can help because you all have been thru this and found Freedom. Thanks for starting Live Free and for providing a place of safety and love where we can work on finding our Freedom.

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Is my donation tax-deductible?

Absolutely! Live Free is a registered New Jersey charity and 501C3 so any donation to Live Free Ministries is fully tax-deductible.


Will I get a receipt?

Yes, for sure! We will send you a receipt immediately after donating as well as a year-end summary in January of 2021.


What is this money for?

Due to the nature of our services and resources we incur large technical costs for app development and maintenance, video production/hosting/conferencing, website development and hosting, and more. This fundraiser is dedicated to covering those hard operational costs.